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Interactive Notebooks have gone DIGITAL

Science Digital Interactive Notebooks You Need to See

Interactive Notebooks Gone Digital

Science Digital Interactive Notebooks You Need to See

Do you use interactive notebooks in your  classroom? 

Interactive notebooks are incredibly beneficial for students because they work on so many different skills. 
  • Improved information retention
  • Involves multiple learning styles
  • Helps students organize their thoughts
  • Proof of learning
  • Parent/teacher communication
  • Differentiation
Even with all of the good, there are some downfalls. Are you sick of all the wasted paper and the wasted time waiting for students to cut everything out? 

The negatives have nothing to do with the concept of interactive notebooks, rather all of the wasted time and supplies. There has to be a better way! 

Do you have access to devices like computers, laptops, or tablets? 
Then you will LOVE Digital Interactive Notebooks. 

Check out the capability in this demo video. In the video you will see a preview of the Water and Weather Digital Interactive Notebook for 5th grade Test Prep.

By transferring the content to digital interactive notebooks, you get all of the benefits of interactive notebooks with all of the convenience of technology. 

Students even get to work on some skills unique to using devices, like mouse and keyboard skills. It is never too early to help students work on their tech skills. Students in Kindergarten can benefit from digital interactive notebooks as long as they're designed for the age group. 

This poster is yours for free by filling out the info. 

Ask me your questions and/or put in requests for more content in the comments. Interested in the product in the promo video? Click here to see it on TpT.
Interested in digital interactive notebooks for other content? Here are some other resources I have:

Science Digital Interactive Notebooks You Need to See

Brittany Washburn
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  1. How do you create such nice documents on the google doc?

  2. Love love LOVE this idea and I do have 1:1 Mac's but I teach only math, do you have anything on TPT that teaches you how to create these interactive digital materials? I am VERY interested in learning how to do them or purchasing them. Thanks so much or any input you can provide.

    1. Danielle Knight has a great guide to Google DRive you might be interested in. Here is her blog post about it. http://www.studyallknight.com/2016/06/questionsgoingdigitalclassroom.html

  3. I love the images you used in your science resource! I think they will really help students remember the information.

    1. Thanks Amy! My students loved them too. It is so much fun to create colorful resources and not worry about printer ink!

  4. How do you push the assignments out to them so that it stays in one journal? Do you do the whole journal for the year? do you push one unit at a time so you might end up with 12 journals? Do you push one assignment at a time and can they add that assignment to their one journal to keep it all together??? I teach 7th grade and we are an iPad school 1:1 so my concern is with pushing it all out that students will move ahead which isn't a bad thing unless they are doing it so they can play games or do other things on their iPads. I could use help with this aspect... I love the idea of digital journals.


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