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Fonts - Who knew it would be so easy?

So I've recently started creating my own hand drawn fonts. The first night I made 2 and I was hooked by the creativity and ease of use. I've been using a font for the iPad called iFontMaker. It cost $6.99 and I got a stylus for $1 from the dollar store. 

This past week at school was state testing week. I proctored for one test and administered 2 exams. 3 days of extreme boredom. What did I think about? FONTS of course! I came up with whimsical, serious, bold, fun, sophisticated, and silly ideas. Then I came home and couldn't stop creating! My poor husband has been so neglected. He even made dinner for us last night (I'm the cook in the family). 

Anyway, here are some that I have posted FREE for personal use so far. If you're interested in purchasing a commercial use license, I have that ready too!

Here is a more detailed look into the fonts from above. The background paper is from 3am Designs and it is just perfect for this collection. Not too busy, but perfect colors to match my logo and design aesthetic. 

I have about 10 more fonts created that I still need to post. I will get to it eventually. Thanks for reading!

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Brittany Washburn
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Technology Task Cards for Primary Students

I've had this product in my store for ages, and I've recently made some updates to it. These aren't just any set of task cards. Each card has a prompt to complete a  task and an open ended question to guide the learning. The activities are designed to help the students practice using a technology tool, communicate technology concepts, and review or practice a common core standard. 

In addition to the task cards, there are worksheets to help students complete the activities. This means that you can use these task cards even if you don't have access to the technology devices that are suggested. 

Check out the examples below to see if this is something you could use in your classroom. 

There are 9 task cards included in this file. They were written for the kindergarten common core standards, but could definitely apply to first and second grade. Some of the words might be hard for a kindergarten student to understand. I recommend introducing each task card and technology tool to the whole group before a student is expected to be able to complete the task independently. 

I hope you and your students enjoy these activities. 

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Brittany Washburn
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Should I Stay or Should I Go Series - Post 2

Oh boy has a lot changed since my last post. Quick recap- lost funding for technology education so I was given the choice to go into the classroom or transfer to a different school in the district. 

I had an "aha" moment where I realized that teaching 4th grade could be awesome, so I officially told my principal that I am on board! I set up a few times to observe reading teachers so that I can start to learn about the curriculum and different ways to set up my 90 minute literacy block. I pinned everything and started creating interactive notebook pages for the literacy standards (got 2 done yay!). Really starting to wrap my head around it. 

So of course that didn't last long. Last night my husband was asked to consider a promotion that would move us about an hour and a half away. This would definitely mean moving because that is way too long to commute. We looked a real estate and we could afford so much house where we are going (score!). The school system is decent too. I think we are leaning toward saying yes because it is a phenomenal career opportunity for him. 

I will continue to hunt for 4th grade resources while we figure out what we are doing. If I am changing school districts I will try to find a technology or science position instead of a classroom teacher position. Wish me luck!

Brittany Washburn
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5,000 Pinterest Followers Celebration - Freebie

I am beyond excited that I now have 5,000 Pinterest followers. It took about 16 months of hard work, determination, and a few bits of good fortune.

To celebrate I am making this product free to all of my followers!

I hope your students benefit from this engaging practice. Awesome for 4th or 5th grade students who have learned multi-digit multiplication and long division procedures. Put them out as a station, assign as homework, morning work, class work while you get something else done for 20 minutes - the possibilities are nearly endless.

Thank you for being the BEST followers!

Brittany Washburn
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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

While having my end of year review with my principal she informed me that my position was being cut. That being said, since I've been here a while she did say that there is a position for me - in the classroom. This will be a series of posts bringing you along on my decision making process. I don't even know how it will end!

I was hired on at this school (the only school I've ever worked at) to be the technology specialist for grades K-5. That is what I did my first year. Second year I taught technology specials for grades 3-5 and spent my afternoon collaborating with teachers and fixing stuff. At the end of that year I begged my principal to let me teach both science and technology in my classroom. She agreed and now I am both the science and technology specialist on the specials rotation. I'm teaching grades 2-5. That's my back story. 

So now I have to decide if I'm willing to make the move into the classroom. There are definite pros and cons to each position. 

  • I don't love fixing technology and having to be "on call" to fix emergencies as they happen throughout the day. 
  • I don't love trying to create a classroom management system when I have 20 classes every week with different homeroom teachers and therefore different personalities, energies, quirks, etc. 
  • I'm nervous about going into the classroom because of how overworked my colleagues appear to be. 
  • I don't love the idea of teaching to a test. 
  • I don't love the idea of having full-inclusion classrooms and having to meet every child on his/her level (how does one even plan for that, am I making it too complicated?) 
  1. I already have a curriculum developed for my position
  2. I am sooooo excited about implementing more project based learning if I get to teach science/technology again next year
  3. I have plans to teach professional development on technology to get more teachers on-board next year
  4. The teacher I would be teamed up with is AMAZING and is our teacher of the year this year!
  5. Teaching 4th grade reading could be amazing for my desire for a calm classroom- what is calmer than silent reading for 20 minutes?
  6. The 4th grade science curriculum is fun and I would love to dive into planning for that.
  7. I would get so many great ideas for my TpT store teaching 4th grade

I am truly only willing to teach in the classroom if I get to teach science. The 4th and 5th grade teams at my school departmentalize their subjects (math/science etc.) and the 5th grade teachers who teach science are not willing to change just because I want them to :-). This leaves me with the 4th grade team. There is a teacher who is hoping to retire at the end of this school year. She currently teaches Reading/Social Studies, but her team-teacher is willing to give me Reading/Science (woohoo!) so this could be a definite possibility. 

I am also applying for any and all science positions in the district. There are middle school positions in which science would be the only subject taught, score! I am also qualified to teach high school biology, but am terrified to make the jump from this to that. Naturally there is a hiring freeze right now, so the job offers won't start coming in until after June 1st. So now we wait...

Any advice? How would you make a decision like this? I'm not even sure what to pray for - wisdom, for the path to be clear, peace in the decision, patience?

Brittany Washburn
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Teacher Appreciation Week Sale and Giveaway

I think all teachers could benefit from feeling appreciated. At this point in the school year we are overwhelmed and overworked. To help you prepare for the end of the year without pulling your hair out, my whole store will be marked down by 20% on May 5th and 6th. 

These products are awesome for the end of the year:

Something academic:

Something fun:

Something to send home with your students:

Something to help you prepare for next year:

Ok and now for the giveaway. Look through my store for a product you think you would like (about $10 or less) and post the title of the product in a comment on this blog post. Don't forget to leave a way for me to contact you. I will choose a winner and send the file to you directly. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the sale!

Brittany Washburn
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