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Snow DAYS- Essential Oils for Motivation and Creativity

I don't know about you, but I love snow days! I am a sleeper, so any chance to get some extra sleep is welcomed by me. Waking up slowly, sipping coffee in bed, scrolling through Pinterest... Heaven on Earth!

Since we are now on day 3 of being out of school, I feel like I need to share what I've been up to (somehow justifying my time off).

Day 1: My husband was off too. We had totally different agendas for the day. I was motivated to finish a big project for my store. He was motivated to watch the golf channel and work on his putting- he is part of the ProAm Tour and has a tournament coming up. While I work I like to diffuse citrus oils. They are uplifting and help me stay focused.

Time for a testimonial: be cautious with Lemon essential oil at first! If you consume, diffuse, apply, etc. too much, you will have detox symptoms. That being said, my digestive system has really benefited from my citrus oils (Grapefruit, Lemon, and a few drops of Peppermint). I put a mixture of these oils into an empty veg capsule and take one in the morning before food (when I can remember). I store them in the freezer so that the oils don't disintegrate the capsules.
 Here is enough for one each day for about a week.
In the top picture you can see my cute little diffuser too. This is what I use to diffuse throughout the day. While I'm working I will diffuse one drop each of grapefruit, lemon, lime, and tangerine.

Another testimonial: In our master bathroom I've been diffusing purification and thieves to try to remove the moldy smell. It works as long as I remember to diffuse at least once per week. That mixture is effective but I have to do it while I'm not home or I will end up with a scratchy throat and coughing from the tickle.

Ok back to my original focus. on Day 2 of the snow days, my husband went to work around 10 am. I had finished my big project on the previous day and was still feeling really creative and inspired, so I dove right in to another product idea. With the help of my Facebook followers, I chose a focus topic and got to work. While I worked I sipped on water with a drop each of grapefruit, lime, tangerine, and frankincense. These oils all aide in digestion so I was feeling pretty hungry all day! But I was focused and really made some progress on my newest product line. It's going to be a big one.

Day 3- today I am sipping my oily water and diffusing my citrus oils again. My major rush of creativity is gone (totally normal for me), so I'm focusing on pinning, blogging, and maybe some relaxing because I haven't gotten around to these during the past few days.

If you've ever wondered about essential oils, I highly recommend the Young Living brand. These are the only oils that I trust to take internally because the company is dedicated to quality.

The Premium Starter Kit is by far the best value for beginners. You get 10, 5ml bottles and a diffuser for about half the cost of their value separately. If you have any questions about YL oils or you're considering purchasing, I would love to answer them!

Brittany Washburn
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